Everything you need to know about Cold Press Juicing

Nowadays the hardest thing you can possibly imagine is having a healthier food intake. With so many preservatives and artificial flavoring most of the time we are just putting tons of useless garbage in our body. No wonder diseases are much more potent than before, and our immune system is not powerful enough to fight it. All because of an unhealthy and unwholesome diet. 

Now and then we think that if we are drinking a juice, we are providing something nutritious to our body but if you feel store-bought juice is going to do your body any favors you are more wrong than ever. Store-bought juices are just sugar and artificial flavors which are more likely to do harm to your body than any good. But worry not, there is always a healthier way, and this is where cold-pressed juices to come in, you might have never heard about them before, so we are going to narrow it down for you.

It will bring you a lot of satisfaction knowing that what you are about to put in your body is not only delicious, healthy and kind of fun to make. Here is how you can make your own cold-pressed juice. The first thing you are going to need a cold-pressed juice machine which is easily available at any electronics shop around you.

You turn on your machine just about 45 revolutions per minute which is relatively slow when it comes to juicing. It’s not nearly fast enough to heat up anything so; it keeps everything nice, preserved, and healthy. 

Once you’re up to speed just start throwing your fruits and veggies into the cold-pressed juicer. It is a form of slow Juicing, this extraction involves topping the vegetables and then pressing them to produce maximum amount of juice which is full of fiber and creating substantially little amount of waste. You are doing good both to your body and environment. This process also creates a more drier pulp. So you’re producing less waste.

Shut down the cold press juicer and take off the hopper. After just scrape out any bits that have got caught up in the blade of your cold press juicer. The next step is to use your cold press juicer to bring all of the juice out slowly. The reason that cold-pressed juice is so amazing is that, less heat means more nutrients and less foam means less oxidation which makes for a super-powered juice. So come on into nature’s emporium and grab yourself a bottle of unpasteurized organic cold-pressed juice at all times.

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